Stretch ceilings & acoustics

General features of the Barrisol® and Artolis® stretch systems:
Fast installation
Lighting and other technology are simple to integrate in an aesthetic manner
Rapid, dust-free installation
Non-flammable (M1, Bs1-d0, Bs2-d0)
A+ health label
Damp and impact resistant
Acoustic advantages
10-year warranty

Specific qualities of the Barrisol® stretch system:
Cradle-to-cradle principle
Endlessly remountable
High-quality plastic film
Easy maintenance; washable
High acoustic performance

Specific qualities of the Artolis® stretch system:
Cut to size on site
Woven or ‘knitted’ canvas with top coating
Acoustic performance
Limited washability
Reduced ecological footprint
Available in numerous colours

The Barrisol® and Artolis® ranges are not limited to the classic stretched ceiling.
An overview:

Acoustic stretched ceilings and walls
The acoustic qualities of a space improve considerably when using plastic film with A15 nano perforations or A30 micro-acoustic perforations in combination with a layer of air. Acoustic absorption can also be elevated with a woven canvas, particularly if combined with acoustic material behind the canvas.

Luminous ceilings and light structures
Our lighting applications are exclusive in their class. Custom-made light structures can be realised thanks to the limitless combination possibilities using LED technology: home automation integration, adjustment of colour temperature, type of operating system, etc.

Organic 3D Design Concept
Years of innovation have made it possible for us to create and realise most geometric and organic shapes. We can work towards just about any design or volume you can imagine. Our specialists will ensure integrated technical supervision and smooth performance of both production and realisation.

Decorative stretch ceilings and walls
Stretched ceilings and walls are available in an endless array of colours; however, the creative possibilities go much further than just the colour. Digital printing, for example, has made it possible to customise walls and ceilings with photographs, texts, art, drawings, 2D images, graphic designs, etc. The attractive effect can often be enhanced by introducing a light source behind the sheet.

With our close collaboration with Barrisol® and Artolis®, we have access to all images, prints, art imagery and decorative prints from the Museum of Printed Textiles (MISE), as well as all French museums such as the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Versailles, and many more.

Layered walls
Combining the Barrisol® system with the Artolis® system makes it possible to create depth to your wall. Smart photography and technology can give the illusion that you can walk through the wall.

Smart ceilings: all-in-one ceilings
Lighting + Heating + Cooling + Sound + Acoustics

The intelligent ceiling integrates a wide variety of technology without losing aesthetic quality. Smart ceilings also score high on energy efficiency, light performance, environmental friendliness and fire standards.
The climate ceiling consists of an uninterrupted duct circuit installed above the stretched ceiling, working on a similar principle to underfloor heating. As the heat or cold radiation is direct (a stretched ceiling is thermally inert), the system reacts faster than underfloor heating. The comfort temperature and the air temperature are therefore very close, making the temperature very comfortable on the neck and shoulders.

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