Stretch ceilings & acoustics

High-tech acoustic stretched ceilings and walls.

Our ‘Stretched ceilings and walls’ department is highly innovative and supported by expertly trained technical staff. We are also recognised as the pioneer and market leader of stretched ceilings and walls in Flanders.
Kordekor was in there from the start and continues to further develop stretched ceilings and walls. We have been the exclusive dealer and partner of Barrisol® and Artolis® in Flanders for over 35 years. You are always welcome to visit our informative showroom, together with your designer, to view the impressive range of stretched products and applications.

Barrisol® stretch system - endlessly remountable

The Barrisol® stretch system is perfect for installing acoustic stretch ceilings. The system is also eminently suitable for applications to walls, both for new build and renovation projects. The result delivers the kind of perfect finishing to a level not possible with other products and processes.

Thanks to its tailor-made design, the stretch system can be endlessly remounted, with its smooth surface structure ensuring easy maintenance. Your existing or new lighting systems can be integrated with no limitations. The Barrisol® stretch system comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Barrisol®stretch ceiling is the solution for renovating ceilings, eliminating cracks and regulating acoustics; fast, fuss-free and without the need for demolition. A stretch ceiling can provide the technical solution for any space in your house.

The Barrisol®system is also suitable for covering walls, opening up a whole world of creative possibilities. Find out all the options under technical info.

Artolis® stretch system - endlessly creative

The Artolis® fabric is cut exactly to size, making it entirely remountable in its original location. The Artolis® fabric can be used for both ceilings and walls and offers a wide range of possibilities: the fabric can be printed with photograph images, art or decorative prints. The fabric can be given a colour to match your interior, as well as there being an option for installing lighting.

Are you considering installing a stretch system? We have the knowledge and expertise with both systems to guide you towards the right choices.