Intricate painting

The art of combining,
the importance of harmony,
the art of perfection,
the importance of appreciation.

Despite its many years of experience, our painting and decoration department never rests on its laurels, but continues to meet the ongoing challenges of seeking out innovative, creative and environmentally friendly painting solutions. Come visit our informative and inspiring showroom and discover for yourself the full range of possibilities.
As well as standard painting work, we can also offer ‘haute couture’ painting techniques for any project. This tailor-made approach is based on expert paint advice, complemented by professional advice on colour if desired.

Our project managers and supervisors strive for a superior quality finish. Their professionalism lies in their inherent knowledge and expertise of both current and classic methods, such as patina, wallpapering and personalised painting techniques.

Our wide range of expert, exclusively trained staff means we possess the capacity to approach your wishes in a truly flexible manner. For example, we have the possibility of forming larger teams if a project with a strict deadline demands such. We can also take care of routine maintenance painting and of course ensure excellent aftercare.