Kordekor, innovating interiors.

Kordekor creates exclusive interiors in private homes, offices, catering and hospitality spaces, and public spaces.
We enjoy working in partnerships with external designers, who can depend on our project management expertise which, thanks to our inherent multidisciplinary skills, can provide considerable added value to your project. Our various departments can also be utilised separately.

An experienced eye for beauty

What we share with our clients is the appreciation for the colour palette, recognition of durable and sustainable materials, the passion for a particular piece of furniture, the affection for quality fabrics, the attraction of a finely detailed finish.
Add our professional knowledge, expertise and specialisms to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for every interior.

Our commitment

The Kordekor team spirit thinks conceptually and in tandem with the designer, making all the difference thanks to our specialist knowledge and style.
Kordekor wishes to continue to grow in a controlled manner and works towards long-term business relationships with all its clients.

More than 60 years on track - and counting

Kordekor was founded in 1949 by brothers Lucien and Roger Debuf. The company originally concentrated on interior painting and installing soft floors.
The business developed rapidly and in the years that followed a number of activities were added, including window decoration, interior textiles and project management. The company also became the exclusive dealer for Barrisol stretched ceilings in Flanders.

Continuity has been assured by the late Lucien Debuf’s children. Bart Debuf, who joined the company in 1981, is currently at the helm. The third generation has also entered the company now that Bart’s son, Stephan Debuf, started working for the company in 2012.

The most recent activity dates from 2014 when ‘De Ark’ was taken over. This acquisition allowed Kordekor to add custom furniture and interior carpentry to its stable of expertise.

Today, Kordekor is supported by 85 talented employees who all pull together as a team.